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How is my IQ test score calculated?

The IQ test score is calculated based on a standardized test that measures a person’s cognitive abilities. The test is designed to assess a person’s performance in areas such as reasoning, problem-solving, memory, and processing speed. The score is derived by comparing a person’s performance on the test to that of a large population of people who have previously taken the test.

To calculate an IQ score, the test-taker’s performance is compared to the average performance of a large group of people who have previously taken the same test. This group is known as the norm group. The average score for the norm group is set at 100, and the standard deviation is set at 15 points. This means that the majority of people in the norm group will have IQ scores between 85 and 115.

Once the test-taker’s raw score has been calculated, it is converted to a standard score, which takes into account the performance of the norm group. The standard score is then converted to an IQ score using a formula that relates the standard score to the IQ scale.

The IQ scale is divided into categories based on the distribution of scores in the norm group. The categories include:

  • Extremely low IQ: below 70
  • Borderline intellectual functioning: 70-79
  • Low average: 80-89
  • Average: 90-109
  • High average: 110-119
  • Superior: 120-129
  • Very superior: 130 and above

It is important to note that IQ scores are not a measure of a person’s worth or potential. They are simply a measure of cognitive ability in specific areas. IQ tests do not measure other important aspects of intelligence, such as emotional intelligence, creativity, or practical skills.

IQ scores can be useful in a variety of settings, such as identifying individuals who may have intellectual disabilities or assessing giftedness. However, it is important to remember that IQ scores are just one aspect of a person’s overall abilities and potential. Other factors, such as motivation, personality, and environmental factors, also play a significant role in determining a person’s success in life.

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