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This intelligence test is created with the help of outstanding psychologists.


It was put together by leaders in the intelligence field. Thanks to the great number of tested people, its evaluation is more exact.


The test contains 30 questions and every question has only 1 answer.


You will receive information on your intelligence in comparison with others.

the best iq test

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IQ tests are designed and updated on a regular basis such that they correspond to the populations they measure in a precise way: a score of 100 is the average score of the population and the distribution of IQ scores has a normal shape with a standard deviation of 15. Therefore, the IQ score is convenient to interpret and work with if you are a statistician, but if you are not into statistics the number itself will likely mean little to you. This is where our IQ percentile calculator can assist you in computing both the percentile of the population you are in and, correspondingly, the rarity of your score.

What others say regarding IQ test?

Getting a high score in an IQ test requires both high intelligence and competitive tendencies to motivate the test-taker to perform to the best of their ability.

BBC News

The Duckworth team concludes that IQ tests are measuring much more than just raw intelligence, they also measure how badly subjects want to succeed both on the test and later in life.

Science Magazine

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